At Ultamodan we believe in female empowerment, women’s equality, and everyone’s innate right to live safely, free from the threat or actuality of violence and mistreatment.

We are proud to sponsor and endorse the essential work of RISE, a Brighton-based domestic violence and abuse charity.

RISE stands for Refuge, Information, Support and Education and they have worked determinedly and intently over the last 26 years to end all forms of violence and abuse against women, their families, and those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Based in Brighton & Hove, the impact they make can be felt as part of the strategic global movement to end all forms of abuse and violence.

Providing essential, wrap-around services for adults and children, RISE offers support and guidance for those on their recovery journey following experiences of domestic abuse. Through our collaboration with this landmark charity, we are pleased to aid with the enrichment and financial support of their essential services which includes specialist one-to-one therapy, therapeutic survivor groups, an LGBTQ+ refuge, work with children and families, as well as community engagement projects.

You can find more information about RISE on their website, directly via email or telephone 02039661306.

Or you can make a direct donation to RISE here, and you too can be part of the movement towards a world without domestic abuse.