Wonderful Women of the World

At Ultamodan we believe that women should empower other women at every opportunity. Whether that be through fashion, friendship or providing a foundation - we are here to build one another up!

Us fabulous and fierce females have made numerous invaluable contributions to modern life, but still fail to get the recognition that is deserved.

When you think about inventions that have changed the course of history, it’s likely you would recall those that were made predominantly by men: the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell), the car (Karl Benz), the lightbulb (Thomas Edison)…

So, here is a quick rundown of some key inventions you may not know that were created by the wonderful women of the world!    

Computer Programming

Next time you’re getting some screen time, spare a thought for the technological trailblazer Dr. Grace Murray Hooper who was integral in developing computer language and programming methods.

Legend has it that the terms ‘bug’ and ‘de-bugging’ derives from the fact she had to remove moths which were attracted the device. Who knew that computers provided creature comforts!

The Circular Saw

Ok so a circular saw is probably not something most of us have ever used but interestingly it was invented by a female weaver who had never even used a regular saw.

Tabitha Babbitt devised the circular saw in 1813 as an alternative to the two-man pit saw – even attaching the prototype to her own spinning wheel!

She came, she saw and she definitely conquered.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s happened to us all – we are busy creating a masterpiece in the kitchen when we realise that we are out of an essential ingredient.

In 1930, Ruth Wakefield had exhausted her supply of baker’s chocolate so used a candy bar instead – thinking it would melt into the mix. But the chunks stayed intact and, thus the chocolate chip was created!

She was definitely one smart cookie!

The Retractable Dog Leash

It’s barking mad to think of a world where the retractable dog leash doesn’t exist. Perfect for keeping your pooch under control yet allowing them a fair amount of freedom, Mary Delaney started the trend in 1908, and since then everyone has followed her lead.


In 1904, inventor Elizabeth Magie passed go and created Monopoly, formerly called ‘The Landlord’s Game’.

Unfortunately, it lacked in popularity and the game was repackaged and resold by Charles Darrow in 1935 under the name of ‘Monopoly’ – where he collected more than £200! In fact, it made him exceptionally wealthy.

Ice-cream Maker

The scoop on this invention is that in 1943, Nancy Johnson made an ‘artificial freezer’ with a handle thus resulting in the first hand-cranked ice-cream maker and undoubtedly making her the cat who got the cream.

Bulletproof Fibre

In 1965, Stephanie Kowlek took at shot at invention and developed a synthetic fibre so strong that it was even bulletproof.

You don’t have to be in the line of fire to benefit from this material though – this fabulous fabric is also used in couture clothing.  


These are only a small cross-section of innovations by women - there are countless more that we could not do without in the modern world.

Innovation is proof that we all strive for a better world, to develop and thrive, to progress and advance – to keep moving forward – and we would be amiss to not acknowledge those female inventors who have paved the way before us.

Us girls truly are game-changers!