The Power Of Power Dressing

Most of us are trickling back into the office after lockdown. Unfortunately, for some, that may mean foregoing our comfy clothes, having brush our hair and emerging back out into the real world.

You may be feeling excited about edging towards ‘normal’ working life. But it’s also OK if you are feeling anxious or worried about it too.

It’s no great secret that the way we dress, and our choice of clothes, can have a bearing on our mood or emotions. In fact, your outfit can have a huge impact on the rest of your day.

When you make your best effort to look good, it can boost your sense of self-worth, your levels of confidence, make you more comfortable with your body image and improve your personal and professional life.

So if you are tentative about treading back into the boardroom or going back to the grindstone then check out our top tips for making your transition more trendy.  

Mean Business

A lot of people feel powerful when they put on a suit. Studies have shown that being well-dressed improves self-esteem and enables you to handle criticism better, with formal clothing making you feel more in control of situations.

If you’re looking at dressing to impress, then embrace your inner boardroom babe with our workwear collection.


Stylish and Secure

When you feel confident it can help you show your strengths and stop being so insecure. To boost your confidence with clothes consider your clothing choices more deliberately and treat yourself to more stylish options. At Ultamodan we can help you keep bang-on-trend with out best sellers collection



Create A Happy Wardrobe

Clothes can make you feel happy but sometimes can hold negative associations. Ensure that you sort through your wardrobe periodically and keep your clothing a happy place!

  •  Donate clothes that no longer fit or hold bad memories
  • Wear clothes that fit beautifully and feel good, such as cashmere, cotton or silk 
  • Avoid buying clothes that are out of your comfort zone. The odds are you won't wear them or feel self-conscious if you do
  • Learn which colours and cuts flatter you best

Don't forget to check out our Inspire Me Collection if you need some seasonal inspiration! 

If you have any hints or tips on how to help your fellow fashionista's on their return to work, then don't forget to leave a comment!