July 4th Is Coming, Are You Ready?

Credit: Instagram @nicolefaejia

This weekend is the annual Independence Day holiday in the US. It is a national holiday all about patriotism, nationhood and freedom. Famous Forth of July celebrations will take place across the country, with huge firework displays to mark the anniversary of the day America became independent from Great Britain in 1776.

It is traditional for Americans to wear patriotic colours on the holiday weekend, but instead of reaching for a stars and stripe bikini, we have come up with some other ideas. You can celebrate in style with red, white and blue outfits that feel fresh and modern. Whether you’re heading out to a party, attending a picnic in the park or staying at home with your family, we have some great Forth of July looks to keep you one step ahead of the trend and stand out in a star spangled crowd.

Credit: Instagram @sheisbtq

For our inspiration, we look to some of the current trends as well as some classic American attire. With a colour scheme to match the national flag, star and stripe prints and some denim to complete the looks, we have put together some outfits to inspirit you this weekend.

All American Girl

This look is perfect for anyone who is a fan of classic American style clothing and wants to have a relaxed weekend. It is comfy, casual and has a vintage feel. The flannel shirt means you don’t have to worry about getting cold in the evening and has a cool feel, while the crop top keeps the look fresh, modern and trendy. The cool basketball bag is a nod to the nations favourite sport- just don’t get carried away and try shooting some hoops.

Picnic Chic

For a picnic party or gathering, you want to look casual but cute. A nice dress is a great place to start, this floaty style has a romantic feel and is very flattering. The red colour and ditsy white floral print is on theme without feeling tacky. To finish the look, add a lightweight blue denim shirt which can be tied around the waist when its too warm for an extra laid-back look or if it’s a bit breezy just pop it on to stay warm! To complete the colour theme, a white bag is perfect as it’s both chic and practical and you can match with a pair of sneakers or sandals!

Firework Display Fashion

For an explosive evening look, sequins are the way forward! If you’re going to a more formal affair and want a sophisticated yet patriotic look, this is a great way to do it in a subtle way. Sequins are a key trend this season so are a great option for the evening and to go one better, why not do stars embellished with sequins? For a smart jacket, try a velvet blazer with sparkles to elevate your look further. You will be the star of the show in this look!

Pool Party Style

What better way to celebrate than hanging out in the sun by a pool all day? If you’re going to a pool party, remember your look doesn’t have to end with swimwear, there are loads of on trend cover up options from wrap tops, crochet pieces or stylish mesh co-ords. We have put together this cool look with a white wrap around bikini, crochet skirt and dreamy blue mesh top. You can layer up or keep it simple while you catch some sun (don’t forget the most important accessory- SPF cream!)

Carnival Queen

If you are heading out to a parade or carnival, you want your look to be fun and playful. This sequin wrap skirt is a great piece that is perfect for events in the sun. A simple wrap top brings a more minimal feel if you don’t want to look too over the top and keep your look feeling stylish. A denim jacket with fun pearl adornment is the perfect way to complete the look, bringing a modern feel to this classic American piece.

All pieces featured are available on our website.

However you choose to celebrate, remember to stay safe by following your local Covid-19 guidelines and always take your sun screen. Have a great weekend, happy July 4th!