How To Wear Pink Coats: Keepin’ It Casual!

Modern, fun, and quirky, pink jackets continue to make a splash in the fashion world!

The great news is that there are countless ways to style them, which means you can rock this top-trending look without losing your fashion lustre.

You’ll be tickled pink by all the casual ways to wear your favourite jacket, so let’s take a look at some styles.

Keep It Simple

A pink jacket is a statement piece in its own right, so try styling it against some neutral colours such as black, white or tan, to create a simple, easy but impactful outfit.

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Keep It Classic 

The classic blend of a simple tee, skinny jeans and a jacket never fails. So work that sassy style with dark wash skinnies, plain t-shirt, and some cute ballet flats for a flawless daytime look.

Or if you want to add a bit more edge, try pairing your pink piece with a graphic or band logo shirt.

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Daytime Styling

Matching your pink jacket with a skirt is a cute way to enhance your daytime style, without being too over the top! Denim, tennis, or maxi skirts will all work seamlessly. Or try mixing it up with your favourite jumpsuit for a twist. You can also play around with your choice of shoes to add a bit more personality. Lace-up boots, chunky shoes and low top sneakers can all add a bit of pizazz!

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Summer Sizzle

A cute pink jacket paired with shorts is a quintessential summertime look. Perfect for adding a chic twist to those cooler summer evenings! Consider wearing distressed denim shorts and a loose tee with your chosen jacket.

Bold is Beautiful

If you want to make a strong statement, then going all pink will be a head-turning look. Try matching your pink jacket with pink jeans for a strong streetwear style.

Tailored Casual Chic

You wouldn’t necessarily wear this look to the office but coupling your pink coat with khaki or tailored shorts is a chic way to get that smart-casual look. Add a plain white tee, or some oversized shades to really finish off the look.

Monochrome Madam

Turn heads by styling your chosen pink jacket with pink shoes, pink skirt, and a pink scarf! To pull this look off its best to try and stick to one tone of pink to achieve that radiant, glowing hue. Consider a mid-length skirt, pink kitten heels, soft blouse, and chic scarf.

Pop In Pink

Make your outfit all about the jacket by wearing it with an entirely black ensemble. Black and pink are the perfect partners, and it will certainly make your jacket the key focus. Think skinny black jeans, black shoes, a black t-shirt, and that statement coat.

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Sole Mates

Sandals and heels can make an outfit look dressy, so if you’re after a more casual style then think about your shoe choice. Black sneakers always look great with pink, but white, silver and gold can work too. If you have a blush pink jacket, then you could opt for nude tone sneakers.

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What’s the best shade of pink for your skin tone?

With so many available shades of pink, it is easy to add a hint of this pretty hue to your wardrobe. However, keep in mind that there are some factors that contribute to whether a colour will look good on you and make your skin tone pop.

If you have warm undertones (think Beyoncé, Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston) then opt for red-pinks, peach, deep pink, deep raspberry, coral or salmon puce.

If you have neutral undertones (think Rhianna, Natalie Portman, or Demi Lovato) then edge towards amaranth, rose, blush and deep pink.

If you have cool undertones (think Christina Hendricks, Keira Knightly or Courteney Cox) then rose, fuchsia, purple-pinks, blush, magenta, hot pink, or carnation pink are for you.

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If you have fair skin and blonde hair then opt for light pink, puce, baby pink, bubble gum or peach.

If you have medium skin and blonde hair then amaranth, hot pink, salmon, shocking pink and rose are your perfect pairing.

If you have dark skin and blonde hair then choose bubble-gum, deep pink, or cerise items.

If you have fair skin and red hair then coral, hot pink, salmon and carnation pink are your ideal match.

If you have medium skin and red hair then edge towards blush, medium pink or magenta.

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If you have fair skin and dark hair then opt for rose, fuchsia, blush or puce.

If you have medium skin and dark hair then hot pink, coral and blush are your perfect palette. 

If you have olive skin and dark hair then edge towards more salmon, coral, blush and medium pink tones. 

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If you have dark skin and dark hair then opt for baby pink, hot pink, rose pink.


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