Happy 2019!

Better late than never we say! Here's our January blog, packed full of fashion trends to buy for 2019!! 

New Year, New You, New Wardrobe!

A New Year always brings about a time of reflection and the desire for change, so whether you have resolved to make 2019 the year of fitness, to find a new job or to simply have more fun, then we have compiled a rundown of the top fashion trends that you will be seeing this year - so you can be sure to look the part whatever you have planned!

Trends You Will Be Seeing In 2019

  • On Your Bike! Cycling Shorts

Already being flaunted by the buxom likes of Kim Kardashian, bike or cycling shorts are set to make an even bigger impact in 2019. Try pairing this sport-wear style item with a more tailored piece such as a blazer or killer heels. This mix of gym-wear and smart wear may not be for everyone, but one thing is certain - everyone will be seeing this style in the coming months.

  • All Wrapped Up! The Robe Dress

If you are a fan of Sex And The City, then you will already be familiar with the robe dress as it was a stalwart fixture of the show. The robe frock is set to make a monumental comeback in 2019 and this deluxe style dress will make a great addition to any wardrobe. 

  • Blaze Of Glory: Tailored Blazers

A classic cut blazer never really goes out of fashion but this year the shops will be ablaze with new colours, designs and cuts. If you really only wear a blazer to work, then try partnering it with skinny jeans for a daytime outing or with bike shorts for a more unique look.

  • Scorching Style: The Boiler Suit

There will be some stunning, bold and flattering style boiler suits making their way onto the Highstreet this year. Lone gone are the shapeless boiler suits toted by mechanics- these versions will be beautiful and elegant with eye-catching colouring and waist flattering belt detailing. You will find something to suit every taste and shape with flared or cropped length legs, long or short sleeves and a flattering array of fastenings.

  • Down To The Detail: Ruched Clothing and Puff Shoulders

Ok so this may conjure up unpleasant images of the 80’s but clever pleating and big shoulders will be one of the strongest looks for 2019. Big continues to be beautiful with the cold-shoulder cut being kicked out and the puffy shoulder taking its place.

Style Themes For 2019

There are two main trending styles coming in 2019 and these will be urban gothic and African fashion! Although these may seem like two very opposing looks, they are both open to personal taste, interpretation and pairing.

Keep your eyes peeled for Mudcloth and Fugu cloaks and bold indigenous patterning if you are in favour of a more native style.

If you are drawn to the dark side, then go for Neo-gothic overtones. This means you can essentially wear what you want as long as you have strong nuances of a moody vibe and lead with mostly black items but adding a chic and modern twist. You could consider adding splashes of lavender, tortoiseshell or snakeskin which will also be around this year.

Prints And Colours You Will See In 2019

  • Luscious Lavender

Lavish yourself with a splash of lavender this year as it will be the go-to colour of 2019. Subtle, flattering and fabulous. Either opt for a large piece such as a trench coat or trouser, or flourishes of colour with lavender accessories.

  • Stylish Snakeskin

You will already be familiar with animal prints taking over the scene during 2018 but the snakes are slithering their way into the forefront of this year and you will be seeing snakeskin print everywhere! Either go bold and big or add highlighting snakeskin tones to jazz-up an ensemble.

  • Trendy Tartan

You don’t have to be Scottish or part of a highland clan to wear tartan and 2019 will see the rise of coloured tartan everywhere. Tartan suits, jackets, trousers and even boiler suits – these are bold and colorful styles that are not for the faint of heart!

  • Perfect Patchwork

If bold tartan isn’t for you then you won’t be left out when it comes to patterning in 2019. The patchwork frenzy will allow for personal taste as it can be as daring or demure as you so wish. Big and bright or dainty and diffident, there is a patchwork to suit everyone. Make the item the main focus of your ensemble and team it with more monotone and block coloured pieces.

Accessory Must-Haves For 2019

  • It’s In The Bag: Tiny Bags

The big oversized bags have seen their fair share of the catwalks and now are making way for the shrunken bag trend. It’s likely you will not be able to fit more than a lipstick and your phone in these little beauties, so maybe now is the time for a handbag spring clean!

  • Slow And Steady Style: Tortoiseshell Earrings

Tortoiseshell can come in a variety of different and unique patterns, so you can be as bold or discrete as you wish. This style of accessory is great for enhancing an otherwise minimalist outfit.

  • A Fashion Feast For The Eyes: Oval sunglasses

Big geeky glasses are no longer as chic as they have been, and 2018 saw the rise of the micro-glasses. This will continue into 2019 and you will be spoilt for choice with the number of small and oval shaped sunglasses available. Hopefully we will be treated to some sun too!


As always, we will keep you up-to-date with all the fashion trends, both on the blog and in our shop.

Happy New Year from Ultamodan – we hope that it is everything that you wish for.