Choosing Love In A Post-COVID World

The current crisis has deeply unsettled society.

All across the world we are seeing acts of bravery, compassion, and love. But also, shows of hatred, aggression, and chaos.

COVID-19 has unleashed turmoil, leaving all our futures up for grabs.

But what will you take away from this? How will your future look? Will you choose to come out of this guided by fear or by love?

We Can’t Do This Alone

One certainty is that this pandemic has shown us that we truly need one another. We can’t do this alone.

We have seen our freedom, our creature comforts and our routines taken away from us, and what has this left us with? The realisation that there is always love. It’s free, it’s in bountiful supply, and it has guided us through these tough times.

We have found compassion and generosity in places that we may not have expected it and encountered utterly humbling stories of self-sacrifice.

Before this crisis, we may have lived a vastly different existence. One where we fought and scrabbled our way over others to try to get ahead. But the stark truth, given to us by this pandemic, is that we can only get through this together.

Live From A Place Of Love

It is easy to become overwhelmed by fear, especially during these unusual times. Make sure you check in with your emotions. Not controlling that fear could mean you start functioning from it. Take that moment to stop, breathe deeply and remind yourself that you’re OK and you’re not alone. Then watch that fear and anxiety gradually come undone.

The end is not in sight yet. But when we finish this detour, how you choose to go forward is entirely up to you.

Do you want to forge into your future wrapped in fear or love?

Do you want to dwell on these hardships or see this new world that we have been building from a collective good? A new world borne from community, gratitude, and humility.

Yes, this epidemic has been devastating and continues to trial us all every day. Most of our choices and liberties have been removed, but we do have one critical choice.

Where we go from here.

Will we use this as an opportunity to re-assess and repurpose? To say ‘no’ to those things in life that don’t serve or nourish us? To make room for those relationships and experiences that matter most?

Will we continue to work together building a better world or retreat back into our trenches of fear and isolation? Will we choose a life of fear or a life of love?

When this is all over, what will your first choice be?

Make it love.